Zanaco Discussion

  • Q: what is the interest rate per month..if k 1500 deposited into fixed account.

    Reply Crable from Israel
  • Q: What are the annual deposit interest rates at ZANACO? Regards

    Reply Cornelius from Pretoria, South Africa
  • Q: what is the rate or the total amount with interest when one deposits into fixed account say 10 000 over a year period. what would be the total.

    Reply Nasilele from Zambia
  • Q: what are the interest rates on the sure save account?

    Reply Thelma from Nchelenge, Zambia
  • Q: Is there any chance zanaco sponsor someone at university abroad who wishes to work with them one day.and did very well at grade 12??.if there is what is needed and how to go about it?

    Reply Gracious from Zambia